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Wig Tape

Wig tape
Wig Tape

The Wig Tape is Perfect for wigs, frontals, and closure Installs!

& now comes with 36 pieces per pack!!

You can use the wig tape in between touch-ups to hold you until your hair appointment.

 How to Use:

  1. Clean skin with 80%-91% alcohol to remove makeup and oil from the forehead.
  2. Once dry apply the wig tape to your forehead. *Do not put on your hair.
  3. Peel the blue paper off and stick the wig to the tape using a fine tooth comb or clean fingertips.
  4. After the wig is laid down using a head wrap & tie it fighting on your hairline for 5-10 minutes. 
  5. Have a Perfect look right at home! 

*36 pieces per pack  

Wig tape
Wig Tape